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Detection tests of the new «SARS-CoV-2»

New Digital Orthopantograph

Our center in Egaleo has acquired a new orthopandograph
performing panoramic dental x-ray examination with
digital 2D + technology.

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You are a priority to us

Healthy people should have a preventive
checkup every 2 years until the age of 45

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Checkup with Bonus Card!

NEA DIAGNOSIS collaborates with the
Bonus Program, offering you the opportunity
for reliable diagnostic and preventive examinations.

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With the minimum dose of radiation.

Our radiology laboratory is equipped
with the latest remote-controlled
radiological machines.

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Our laboratories

Have become a reference
point for our reliable results.

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Nea Diagnosis ESPA
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Our Lab

Our laboratories are reference point for our specialized exams and reliability of our results.

New Equipment

Our centers are equipped with the most modern medical technology available.

Schedule Exams

Our administration department offers all the necessary information and guidance to our clients for their exams.

Skilled Staff

Our diagnostic centers are operating under a very experienced group of scientists.


Who we are

Welcome to Nea Diagnosis

Welcome to Nea Diagnosis

New approach, new methods with a new vision on health care

"NEA DIAGNOSIS" was founded in 1987 by a group of doctors with a vision to offer all examinations of primary health care. Our first center in Ampelokipi, L. Riankour 64 & Larissis is a pioneer in upgrading the quality of all medical examinations. The reliability of our examinations, the improvement of the provided health services and the trust of our patients, determined the establishment of the other 3 new centers in Pallini, Egaleo and Ag. Dimitrios.
Our goal is to provide upscaled preventive and diagnostic examinations with reliable and prompt services to all our patients. Our diagnostic centers are operating by highly experienced scientists and equipped with the most modern medical technology available.


We keep you up to date with news in the health sector.

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