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Nea Diagnosis Examination Card is an annual subscription card, which gives the holder access to a number of privileges. It aims to ensure that everyone has access to primary care in the most economical and immediate way, without terms, conditions, age restriction or required health history to become a member. Access have also the insured of EOPYY, or any uninsured fellow citizens.

All members of Nea Diagnosis card have a limitless number of examinations during the membership period. Therefore, they have immediate access to all preventive examinations and diagnosis.

The Benefits of Nea Diagnosis Examination Card are the following:

  • Free annual checkup among 13 important blood tests in the preventive health check.
  • Free blood collection from home.
  • Free participation cost for the insured of EOPYY.
  • Additional 20% discount to the state tariff (Government Gazette) for the uninsured.

The following are indicative prices:

  • Complete blood count only with € 2.3
  • General urine test only € 1.41
  • Blood sugar test only € 1.81
  • Blood urea test only € 1.81
  • Iron blood test only € 2.74
  • Cholesterol test only € 2.3

Also, we offer preferential prices in special exams. The following are indicative prices:

  • Panoramic x-ray only 10€
  • Digital mammography only for 25€
  • Computed tomography only 40€

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